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Cameras – they’re not just for knitting

Tara at Sticky Fingers has asked us all to think about our photography resolutions for The Gallery this week.  I know the answer to this one: take pictures of something that’s not knitting! Most of my pictures over the last three … Continue reading

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Christmas knitting

I couldn’t post about these at the time I was knitting them, so a brief post now… I rarely knit for other people.  I am a slow, fussy knitter, with a vast number of things that I want to knit … Continue reading

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What I have learnt about knitting

I learnt to knit as an adult on Boxing Day 2008. I had expressed some interest to my fantastic sister, mainly because she was knitting things herself that were extraordinary, and I was quite excited by the idea of making … Continue reading

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Practical creativity

For the last few days, I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I haven’t been writing a whole lot beside morning pages and this blog.  However, I just realised that maybe I’ve been channelling my creativity into more practical areas. I … Continue reading

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On the blocking wires…

Last year, I knitted a Cold Mountain stole. It was very slow and tortuous for me, although the pattern was tremendously clear and really taught me to love charts. I had never knitted proper lace in laceweight before. I started, … Continue reading

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Today’s knitting is…

I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks and I haven’t yet written a knitting post! I’m actually surprised that I haven’t been knitting more.  I guess writing has been taking over. I’m knitting a very gorgeous (well, other people’s are … Continue reading

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