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11 questions

I’ve been tagged on the 11 things meme by dorkymum.  I’m kind of a sucker for questionnaires, so I’m answering dorkymum’s questions, but I’m too lazy to make up some more questions unless anyone really bugs me for them!  11 … Continue reading

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Belated Burns

Since I didn’t get round to writing a Burns night post yesterday, I felt I should post a wee something today! I felt like something was missing yesterday when I didn’t actually celebrate Burns Night.  All the talk of haggis … Continue reading

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Christmas reading

I was lucky enough to be given a fine stack of books for Christmas: I understand that there is also a marvellous knitting book still making its way through the postal system (thanks, in-laws!) I only just got round to … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like a casserole for feeling organised

I thought that I was managing the addition of NaNoWriMo to my life quite well until I realised that I was enormously behind with the laundry and we’d been scratching together entirely random meals for the last two weeks (it … Continue reading

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Pumpkin creations

Somehow both Mr Woodsmoke and I have been being more creative/crafty recently.  I don’t know whether it’s my Artist’s Way rubbing off, or just that we’ve had a little bit of a breather.  His woodturning class certainly seems to be … Continue reading

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Gammon cooked in soup

This recipe was composed by hacking together a few recipes on the internet based on what I had in the house. The most useful one was the one on yahoo answers! The initial inspiration was my sister giving me a … Continue reading

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Parallel cooking (with recipe for spinach sauce)

Last night I had a bit of a cooking binge and it actually worked out (well, apart from the giant mess needing cleaned up this morning). Usually when I try to do too much at once, something goes wrong, as … Continue reading

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Practical creativity

For the last few days, I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I haven’t been writing a whole lot beside morning pages and this blog.  However, I just realised that maybe I’ve been channelling my creativity into more practical areas. I … Continue reading

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A personal history of cooking

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking today, and in general over the past few weeks, and while cooking I’ve been thinking about how I got to where I am today cooking-wise. My first cooking influence was my mother, who … Continue reading

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The joy of usey-ups

I have just finished my mission to clear out the freezer, and I’m also doing a grocery spending challenge, so round here we have been eating lots of usey-ups, by which I mean either leftovers or something that lets you … Continue reading

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