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Tourist in Residence: Walking Beauty

You’ve got to love the concept of a ‘Tourist in Residence’.  As Tourist in Residence to the Edinburgh Art Festival, Anthony Schrag has designed a bunch of one-off tours that are quite unlike your usual walking tours.  Already he’s run … Continue reading

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Cambridgeshire part 2: Ely Cathedral

I was in a rotten mood when I got to Ely Cathedral.  It was raining again, as it had rained for the 4 previous days of our one-week holiday.  We somehow managed to take the wrong road to the cathedral … Continue reading

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The bells! The bells!

Up in the morning’s no for me, up in the morning early…  but somehow I managed to get onto a train at 7:15 to make sure I was in good time for All The Bells in Edinburgh this morning at … Continue reading

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Ledbury in pictures

This is my final post for a while because I’m off down south again, but here are some pictures of my Ledbury trip – almost all taken on the one nice day! And of course there was the little lamb … Continue reading

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Love in a library

The poetry library is one of my favourite spaces. It has great light, it’s very versatile, and, these days, more often than not I’ll bump into someone I know there. So what could possibly make it better? Answer – a … Continue reading

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Weird enthusiasms

The other day, I got quite a disappointing email. It told me that the symposium The Life of Corpses: Exploring the Ethical Issues of Exhibiting Human Remains had been cancelled. I was disappointed because I’d signed up as soon as … Continue reading

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Beautiful hoodies

For my Artist’s Date today I went to see the stunning hoodie murals in Edinburgh (proper name: Our Nation’s Sons) by Joe Caslin.  I’d been keeping an eye out for them, but I don’t generally have a reason to go … Continue reading

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