Mostly art… Human Castle, Melvin Moti and SPL

Mostly an arty day today…

Human Castle by Emily Speed was the very first event in Edinburgh Art Festival and the photographers were out in force for a performance that was extremely photogenic. (see for example these photos by ‘yellow book’ on flickr – I’m sure there will be some wonderful ones up on Clicket too which I’ll link to when they appear)

My photos are not as fabulous but I’ll post some anyway since I braved the rain and some touch-and-go train services to get there!

Emily Speed works around architecture and apparently this is her first piece with humans. The participants wandered around the grass, making some beautiful shapes before coming together to make a castle complete with castellations. It was lovely to watch, but I could have done with an umbrella as I was sure I was going to get soaked through.

Human Castle - start

Human Castle 2

Human Castle 3

Human Castle aligned

Human Castle shrinking

Human Castle finished

Some of the performers had beautiful tattoos and I thought one had a design on her feet before I realised it was the cut grass stuck to her feet making a lovely pattern!

Emily Speed will be giving a talk on Saturday at 2pm (which I can’t attend, sadly) and the film of Human Castle will be showing as part of the Rose Street Film programme.

I was really looking forward to the Melvin Moti exhibition One Thousand Points of Light at the National Museum of Scotland – any science-art fusion is always going to draw me in. This work is inspired by the fluorescent minerals in the museum’s collection. There are a few beautiful, sparse display cases of objects illuminated in UV (I didn’t realise till I read the website that some are uranium scent bottles), and an 18-minute film of the minerals themselves, moving slowly across the screen. They look like movie asteroids, or, occasionally, space invaders. The colours are stunning and the whole effect is rather mesmerising. At times the minerals look abstract or as if they were painted. Not for everyone – the people behind me described the film as ‘esoteric’ as they walked out after a couple of minutes – but worth a look if you’re nearby. The museum cafe was surprisingly un-busy as well (this may not last).

Then it was off to the Scottish Poetry Library for the launch of their new autumn events programme. That’ll probably get a post of its own but, suffice to say, I’m excited!

In future episodes….
Tomorrow, I’m off to see Bullet Catch at the Traverse – looks thrilling!
I’m also looking forward to Joe Dunthorne’s response to the Melvin Moti exhibition in his event on Tuesday. (There’s a Melvin Moti talk on Saturday too which should be good if you can make it.)

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