Going out with a bang

I didn’t talk much on this blog about how I’ve time to do all the things I write about. For the last few months I’ve had a new job in hand, but one with a once-yearly intake in August, so I’ve extended my original jobhunting time into a not-quite-planned but very welcome gap year. Finally the new job is coming up on the horizon – my first event with new colleagues is two weeks tomorrow.

I’m going to be trying to pack rather a lot into those two weeks. I’m lucky enough to be blogging for Clicket again, so I’ll be blogging about a bunch of events at the Art Festival, the Traverse, DanceBase‘s fringe programme, and (I’m hoping) the Book Festival. Plus the events that I’d already bought tickets for under my own steam. I’m already finding clashes all over the place so I need to issue a blanket apology to all the friends whose shows I might not make it to – sadly inevitable in Edinburgh in August!

I’ll be performing my poetry at Science and Poetry on Monday – 6:30pm at Pulp Fiction bookshop – along with a bunch of marvellous poets and a robot. I’ve got an open mic slot at Blind Poetics’ mega-event on the 13th and might pick up the odd other open mic here and there.

Also I have our street’s street party and a friend’s hen night!

I’ve been quite pleased that for the last 11 months I’ve stayed on a pretty sensible schedule, going to bed by 11 and getting up at 7:30. I’ve eaten well, exercised occasionally and given up caffeine again. (I was off caffeine for a decade but in my last job I couldn’t do without it for jetlag.) All that’s going to go to hell in the next fortnight. I can guarantee I’ll be staying up too late, drinking too much, caffeinating myself into a vague existence and living on fry-ups, junk food and cake. While running around like a maniac getting all confused about what’s happening next.

Actually, that sounds rather good. See you in Edinburgh!

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