Cambridgeshire part 2: Ely Cathedral

I was in a rotten mood when I got to Ely Cathedral.  It was raining again, as it had rained for the 4 previous days of our one-week holiday.  We somehow managed to take the wrong road to the cathedral (it’s a great big building on a hill.  You wouldn’t think it would be difficult) and got even more soaked than we would have done otherwise.

We paid our money to get in.  It’s not a terrible ticket desk, not as intrusive as in some cathedrals, but the array of different ticket options felt a bit ‘do you want fries with that?’

I was thinking that a cathedral would be a good indoor option, but I hadn’t taken into account that it would be just as grey inside the cathedral as outside.  The light was really mournful.  I shuffled around in a bad mood, taking the odd photo (the better ones are mostly by Mr Woodsmoke).  However, I perked up a bit when we joined a tour. It was pretty interesting to hear about the building of the cathedral, and I became a bit more glad that we came.

The final destination on the tour was the Lady Chapel and that’s where I was absolutely blown away.  All the light I’d been wanting was right there! It’s an old chapel that was somewhat falling down and has been reinstated with plain glass and a very plain space with one striking statue.  I absolutely love it.  It goes on my list of favourite churches in itself, never mind the cathedral it’s attached to!

So I went back feeling that I’d seen something very special indeed.  Thanks, Ely Cathedral!

Ely Cathedral




Ely Cathedral Lady Chapel

Lady Chapel

Ely Cathedral

Octagon, Ely Cathedral

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2 Responses to Cambridgeshire part 2: Ely Cathedral

  1. Such a shame you came to Ely on such a grey day, we’ve been having glorious weather finally this week and I’ve been taking photos of the Cathedral against the blue sky. The riverside is also beautiful when the sun is out

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