The bells! The bells!

Up in the morning’s no for me, up in the morning early…  but somehow I managed to get onto a train at 7:15 to make sure I was in good time for All The Bells in Edinburgh this morning at 8:12 (I hadn’t heard whether there was anything happening in Dunfermline or not and I knew a few people who were going to be at the Edinburgh event).

As I walked out of Waverley Station, there was a queue of people arranging themselves on the Scotsman Steps with a variety of interesting bells – my favourite was the colourful mobile that a family brought in.  I forgot to bring a bell despite having a nice tiny quiet one at home! Many others had resorted to phones and ipads.

Unfortunately, I’m a wee bit of a delicate flower where loud noises are concerned, especially discordant ones, so I decided that a large echoey stairway with hundreds of bells was not the place for me. I stationed myself across the road instead, where I bumped into a few other people with the same idea.

Before it started for real, clearly people couldn’t resist giving their bells the odd tinkle, including the bloke who cycled past pingling his bicycle bell. But then there was a countdown and the bells started for real.

Although the mobile phone sound is poor, it does pretty much capture the effect.  I was surprised that I could only hear the bells from the stairway, and not any church bells. Friends elsewhere in Edinburgh reported hearing nothing at all, which is a bit disappointing!

After three minutes, the bellringers streamed over the road for breakfast at the Fruitmarket – a job well done to bring in the Olympics and get us all excited for the festivals!

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2 Responses to The bells! The bells!

  1. Hi Kate, had no idea “the bell” thing this was happening – I was out of the country with no or limited TV and internet etc. When I did hear something about it and looked it up I glimpsed a Youtube clip of Twiggy ringing a wee bell and thought it was an advert for Marks and Sparks – not for me. Your clip sounds quite impressive though! Must have been a little anti-climatic when so few other bells joined in. Also, you’d have thought that the bell ringing would have made more of an impact if everyone had been on the street rather than hidden away in the Scotsman Steps – although I appreciate the steps have been all been done up (no more pee, really???)? Thanks for sharing the news. Have a great festival month :)

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