Love in a library

The poetry library is one of my favourite spaces. It has great light, it’s very versatile, and, these days, more often than not I’ll bump into someone I know there. So what could possibly make it better? Answer – a pop-up opera!

Love in a Library‘ is a wee taster for the Edinburgh International Festival and has been touring Edinburgh’s libraries this week with last-minute announcements of its location coming up on facebook and twitter. The last performance will be tomorrow (Sat 16th) in Morningside library so do go along if you haven’t seen it already! It’s a wee set of love songs in various languages, sung by soprano Emma Morwood and lyric tenor Chris Elliot, strung together around a simple but library-based plot.

I was really impressed with how the performers used the space, the fact that they brought in a proper piano and of course the gorgeous sounds.

I actually saw the performance twice yesterday. I went in to the lunchtime one and thought it was brilliant but was a wee bit distracted because I was taking photos and tweeting. Since I had to be in the SPL for 6pm for class anyway, I decided to come early and enjoy the 5:30pm showing with my camera and phone firmly in my pockets.

Here are some pics and do get yourself along to Morningside tomorrow. If you can’t make it, here’s an interview with musical director Sam Hutchings to tell you some more about it.

serious young man

encounter in the stacks


balcony scene


they kiss

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