Things to know about the torch relay

Just been out to see the torch relay. It went past the end of my road (well, the top road) so no excuse.

I completely failed to take a picture of the torch itself, because it rather took me by surprise!

If you are going out in Edinburgh later, things you might like to know…

– the sponsor buses came past about 10 minutes or so before the actual torch. This confused us. (The sponsor buses are horrific by the way.)

– in the second convoy, we assumed the torch was going to be at the end of the convoy, but it was actually just behind the first bus.

– since we weren’t the only people to be surprised, the roar of the crowd wasn’t actually nearly as loud for the torch as it was for, say, random police motorcycles. Don’t rely on it!

– I wished I’d figured out the action setting on my camera. Although I still probably wouldn’t have managed to get a pic because I was so surprised, and didn’t have a great view.

– remember your game theory. This is a one-time game. Even though the people in front of you may claim that they’re going to stay sitting down so everyone can see, they have no incentive to do so!

– sitting on a fence really really hurts your bum. Ask me how I know.

– it was worth seeing for me, because I had stuff to read in the line, and enough space around me not to be claustrophobic, so I may as well be there instead of at home at my desk doing the same thing. I wouldn’t have thought it worthwhile if I’d had to drive (traffic was gridlocked afterwards) or in a horrible crowd. On the other hand, if I’d had a great vantage point in a first-floor office or something, it would have been ace.

Anyway, here’s the crowd. Everyone did seem to go home happy, even the kids, even though most folk had waited an hour like I did (I went out half an hour before I thought the torch would come, but it was both scheduled later and actually late.)

torch relay crowd

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