Things I didn’t know about science in Glasgow

After posting the rather marvellous skeleton in the pavement in front of the Ramshorn Kirk for my Silent Sunday, I forgot to post anything else about the ‘Science on the Streets‘ walking tour on Sunday. It was part of the Glasgow Science Festival, which is still running till the 17th with a bunch of fab free events.

It was a typical soggy horrible Glasgow day but I enjoyed learning a few things that I hadn’t known about science in Glasgow. In particular, I had never spotted the standard measures in George Square in all the many times that I’ve been there!

standard measures George Square

This panel is on the side of the City Chambers. There are also 100 feet and a chain measured out in the paving of the square (although apparently the chain is usually covered with benches).

Also, I’ve never looked at the statues in the square properly before, so I will now be saying hello to James Watt and Thomas Graham, the inventor of dialysis.

The Ramshorn Kirkyard (another place that I’d never been despite walking past it a bunch of times) memorialises some city noteables including David Dale (the New Lanark industrialist) and John Anderson (‘Jolly Jack Phosphorus’!) who prompted the founding of Anderson’s Institution, an ancestor of Strathclyde University.

It was also fascinating to hear about electric light coming to the city, with each major building having its own generator – maybe something we’ll be moving back to?

The tour guide was a little halting at the start – his first time! – but soon got more fluent, and the material was really interesting. I don’t know when the tour’s running again but keep an eye on their website – I would certainly recommend it!

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2 Responses to Things I didn’t know about science in Glasgow

  1. Peeriemoot says:

    I’ve never really looked at the statues in George Square – I tend just to be hurrying through. Must have a proper look next time!

  2. James Watt is at the SW corner and Thomas Graham at SE, across from the standard measures.

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