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Water, water everywhere

No, not the floods (although they do bring back memories of a few years back in Tewkesbury). I finally got round to buying a reusable water bottle, having found one that goes in the dishwasher (I can guarantee that it … Continue reading

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Lyrics Alley by Leila Aboulela – an appreciation

I was going to call this a review, but it’s not. It’s not at all. It’s just me blathering on about a book I like, and thinking you might like it too. Here’s the book that’s been cheering me up … Continue reading

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Love in a library

The poetry library is one of my favourite spaces. It has great light, it’s very versatile, and, these days, more often than not I’ll bump into someone I know there. So what could possibly make it better? Answer – a … Continue reading

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Things to know about the torch relay

Just been out to see the torch relay. It went past the end of my road (well, the top road) so no excuse. I completely failed to take a picture of the torch itself, because it rather took me by … Continue reading

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Things I didn’t know about science in Glasgow

After posting the rather marvellous skeleton in the pavement in front of the Ramshorn Kirk for my Silent Sunday, I forgot to post anything else about the ‘Science on the Streets‘ walking tour on Sunday. It was part of the … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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Transit of Venus, somewhere behind the cloud…

A quick post on last night’s Transit of Venus event at Glasgow University (part of Glasgow Science Festival). There’s more to be said, but staying up all night means I’m a bit lacking in brain. You probably know the basics. … Continue reading

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