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As I posted last week, one of the weird things I like is the poetry of McGonagall. It’s not just that it’s so bad it’s good, it’s his immense sincerity. I learnt last night that McGonagall walked 50 miles to … Continue reading

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Floordrobe begone!

Two apologies. Firstly, for using the horrendously ugly word ‘floordrobe’. While I was quite pleased to find that there’s a word for that heap of once-worn clothes on the floor, it surely could have been less jarring. Secondly, the reason … Continue reading

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Weird enthusiasms

The other day, I got quite a disappointing email. It told me that the symposium The Life of Corpses: Exploring the Ethical Issues of Exhibiting Human Remains had been cancelled. I was disappointed because I’d signed up as soon as … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday


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Glasgow art and multicoloured Mackintoshes

I may have already mentioned that the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art seemed a bit opaque to me – I kept reading descriptions of shows and events and not actually understanding what they were!  Art is not really my … Continue reading

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Beautiful hoodies

For my Artist’s Date today I went to see the stunning hoodie murals in Edinburgh (proper name: Our Nation’s Sons) by Joe Caslin.  I’d been keeping an eye out for them, but I don’t generally have a reason to go … Continue reading

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