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A big contrast: DJing and cities

Since the weekend, my Science Festival attendance has been a bit more sporadic – just one event on Monday and one yesterday.  (Although I have some lovely things lined up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, including finally acquiring some children … Continue reading

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Dancing and tweeting and dancing and tweeting…

From the first time I saw InMotion advertised, I was excited about the idea of live dance performances in the National Museum.  I love dance, but I neither participate in it nor go to see professional dance performances nearly as … Continue reading

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I am currently smelling, appropriately, of woodsmoke… Another sudden decision of what to go to at the science festival had me doing something a little crazy: Can you guess what it is yet? I can’t say I’ve been desperate all … Continue reading

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Designer athletes and catalytic clothing

I’d been thinking a couple of science festival talks I’d been to were ‘good but not amazing’ and then I went to Designer Athletes last night and was really surprised to be completely engaged with a really fascinating discussion – … Continue reading

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Science Tuesday (with some incidental Shakespeare)

Having had a wee day off on Monday (real life getting in the way), it was back to the science festival on Tuesday. I had finally met Juliet Wilson (CraftyGreenPoet) on Saturday (we’d corresponded on our blogs and twitter for … Continue reading

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My friend the robot

So, robot companions.  Not something I’d thought about a whole lot before I went to Ruth Aylett‘s talk on Sunday.  But a tremendously interesting concept. Various stories about robots that will interact with us come up in the media now … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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