Looking forward to Glasgow Science Festival

Those of you who were breathing a sigh of relief at me shutting up about the Edinburgh Science Festival, look away now…

I’ve been having a look through the programme for the Glasgow Science Festival (5-17 June) and it looks really good – I’m certainly going to be trying to get along to some of the events.  (I’m lucky enough to have a place to stay nearby so wouldn’t have to train/bus through every day.)

It’s really different in character from the Edinburgh one – smaller, many free events, quite university-based.   However, some of the events look very innovative, and I’m impressed by how many venues are involved.  And it’s quite nice when there aren’t multiple conflicting events that you have to agonise about choosing between!

As usual, I’m more drawn to the adult programme but there seems to be some good stuff for kids too.

I booked a couple of events straight away because I really didn’t want to miss them: the walking tour and the overnight event for the Transit of Venus (I am terrible at staying up all night but it does sound really exciting!)   I also asked about the truly fascinating-sounding event about the issues around displaying human remains, but I haven’t heard back yet.

I have some other events high on my potential hit list once I get round to planning my time more for June.  Bright Club sounded really good at Edinburgh and I heard something about it on the radio as well – turning academics into stand-ups is a fantastic idea!   The Ben Nevis Observatory and the Wilson Cloud Chamber sounds like a really interesting historical talk.  And of course the knitting/science events combine two of my favourite things!

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