My science festival stats

Over the weekend, I tried to tell someone how many science festival events I’d been to, but I got confused and lost count.  So I’ve just got the programme and counted up:

I went to the festival on 12 days out of a possible 15.

I attended 12 talk/discussion events including the monumental Enlightenment Exchange,
totalling 38 different speakers (I’ve included the interviewers where they played a big part, and I think I have eliminated Wiseman redundancy)
watched 3 dance performances
enjoyed 2 outdoor exhibitions (Invisible Worlds and Catalytic Clothing) and 1 tiny library display
and firewalked once.

I met 3 fellow Clicket bloggers.

I ate 5 pieces of the marvellous millionaire’s shortbread at the museum despite always bringing lunch and snacks from home, and 1 piece of the surprisingly terrible lemon drizzle!

My top 5 events were
1) the Enlightenment Exchange – I still feel inspired by that
2) the kid stuff at the City Art Centre
3) Robot Companions
4) the dance performances
5) Designer Athletes
with the wooden spoon going to Tweeting the Universe.

It’s been great and I’m looking forward to next year, although my attendance will inevitably be a lot more moderate in 2013!  But if they run an Enlightment Exchange again I will move mountains to go.  We are so lucky to have such a brilliant festival just over the bridge.

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