Dancing and tweeting and dancing and tweeting…

From the first time I saw InMotion advertised, I was excited about the idea of live dance performances in the National Museum.  I love dance, but I neither participate in it nor go to see professional dance performances nearly as much as I would like to.

What a treat Saturday morning was!  First up was David Aing in robotic mode – I loved the way he covered his face and anonymised/roboticised himself.  He made a lot of individual movements and then moved into a routine that drew a lot from sports, with javelin and archery motions amongst others.

David Aing

Then it was on to some fabulous little dancers from Edinburgh university – the humanoid robots!  First there was a great talk about getting the robots to play football with a demo.  The robot took a wee while to get into position behind the ball…

robot footballers    

The coordinated dance was rather fab – those robots can sure strike some poses!

dance robots waiting  dance robot leaning  dance robot pointing

The final dance (that I saw) by Tony Mills was my highlight of the day – the one that really made me put down my camera and just enjoy the show. A great combination of smooth moves and precise robot jerkiness, then a playful routine with a handkerchief that totally engaged the audience. Brilliant.
Tony Mills

I went back to the museum in the evening for the Tweeting the Universe talk.  Now, the Science Festival has been the thing that really switched me on to twitter (some might say too much).  It’s been great to meet all the other Clicket Challenge bloggers and see what’s going on everywhere.  So I rather liked the idea of explaining the universe in twitter-like chunks.

However, I was disappointed in the execution.  Being given a piece of paper to write my tweet-sized question on wasn’t a good start!  There was no hashtag, and the speakers couldn’t receive live tweets during the event.  There was a prize for the best question tweeted in advance, but I don’t think we heard what that question was.

Essentially the event was a lot of speculative talk about the stuff that’s in the articles that I can’t be bothered reading in New Scientist – inflationary bubbles, many-worlds, what came before the Big Bang, yada yada.  Just not my thing.  And the answers were certainly not 140 characters!  More like 1000 words…

To be fair, my husband found the speakers (Marcus Chown and Govert Schilling) very engaging and I’ve seen a few folk tweeting positively about it since, but for me, it felt like a missed opportunity to show how one could answer some really interesting (concrete not speculative) questions in 140 characters.

Note: my ticket for Tweeting the Universe was given to me by Clicket. 

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