I am currently smelling, appropriately, of woodsmoke…

Another sudden decision of what to go to at the science festival had me doing something a little crazy:

fire being prepared

Can you guess what it is yet?

I can’t say I’ve been desperate all my life to try firewalking or anything, but the appeal of the science festival event was that I could do it without having to sit through hours of ‘positive thinking’ or NLP or pseudo-spiritual claptrap before it.  Instead, I had Richard Wiseman telling me how much it was going to hurt, and a rather marvellous fire-themed soundtrack.

I was determined that I wanted to go early rather than stand in a long line, even though it might be hotter!  I was third in the queue.  I mostly felt excited rather than nervous, though I did hesitate on the start line and then went a bit fast over the ‘coals’!



I felt like my feet could have used some extra time in the cold water afterwards, but overall it was no worse than putting them briefly into a too-hot bath.

Of course, afterwards the endorphins kicked in and I was all hyper and smiley!


And here’s Amanda Tyndall, the deputy director of the Science Festival, looking more confident and purposeful than I did!

@findmandy firewalking

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2 Responses to Fire!

  1. julietwilson says:

    Well done you! Very impressive!


  2. Thanks! It’s a good thing I believe in science!

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