A wee bit of the Fife Coastal Path

I knew that with the fantastic weather this week, I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t get out and enjoy it.  So for my artist’s date this week, I took myself down to the coast to do a wee segment of the Fife Coastal Path.  I’ve walked the St Monan’s to Anstruther section before, but haven’t walked any of it since we moved here 3.5 years ago, which is a bit embarrassing.

Since I didn’t have a whole lot of time, I did about the shortest section I could find, walking from Dalgety Bay train station to Aberdour train station.  This meant that I had a mile or so to walk before hitting the coastal path itself.  The residential streets were pleasant enough (and downhill) but not what I came for.

However, the path itself didn’t disappoint.  It was very well waymarked and even when it didn’t hug the coast there were still great views of the Firth of Forth.

Here’s Dalgety Bay:

Dalgety Bay

It was strange be walking through completely bare trees in lovely 20C sunshine.  Even though I took these photos between 2pm and 3pm, the shadows are quite long.

bare tree sunshine

There was some lovely spring colour a little further along the path.

coastal path colour

The ruined St Bridget’s Kirk was quite fascinating – again the long shadows.  (It’s possible that another picture may sneak into this week’s Silent Sunday…  shhh!)

St Bridget's Kirk

St Bridget's KirkAfter this the path moved back a little from the coast and went along a fabulous daffodil-lined path with fields at each side (yes I totally failed to take pictures of the daffodil path other than the bad cameraphone one I put on twitter).

view over fieldsThere was a lovely slightly hazy view of the Forth bridges, which I almost totally failed to photograph due to the bright sunshine reflecting off my camera screen!  (They did turn up in a corner of a picture, but it’s really not worth sharing.)

Walking along the next part of the path, I met a couple who told me off for scaring the deer – which I hadn’t remotely noticed till they pointed them out!  There were a couple of deer climbing the banking by the path – too dark to be photographable (at least by me).

The final section of path runs by the golf course in Aberdour before popping up in the town centre, where I missed my train by 3 minutes but had a nice half-hour wait in the sun for the next one.

And mapmyrun tells me that I walked 4 miles, which is more than I thought, so I even feel slightly virtuous!

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