The Gallery: Extreme Close-Up

The topic on The Gallery this week is to take an extreme close-up.  For once I actually remembered the topic in advance and deliberately took some pictures!  This rather scary chap is the mostly-buried Antony Gormley figure outside the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

I just love the texture on him, which seems to have matured even since I last saw him a couple of months ago.

sculpture rust and texture

Antony Gormley faceAntony Gormley nipple

I previously posted a picture of the entire sculpture in this post.  It seems like I shouldn’t include a wide shot in this post, though I did take some too!

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2 Responses to The Gallery: Extreme Close-Up

  1. sarahmumof3 says:

    what great photos really capturing the details and texture of the sculpture givign a real feel for it :) x

  2. thanks, I really enjoyed the textures.

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