Anyone off into Edinburgh tonight? If so, you need to check out EnLIGHTen! Edinburgh City of Literature has projected some quotations onto building around town. We were at the Secret Society last night (it was fab – there were hedgehogs) and had a while to kill before our train so we popped over to St Andrew Square, where a marvellous quotation from Hume is projected onto the monument. My camera skills really aren’t up to the job, but here’s a rough impression!

EdLIGHTEN St Andrews Square
I found the light show rather hypnotic, especially when a load of random letters dance their way up the monument!

We then nearly went under a bus as we spotted the one on 1 Rose Street, which is a quotation from Allen Ramsay. I found this a lot less visually appealing (it bounces around like that annoying Windows text screensaver) but it’s a fun site for a projection.

Rose St EnLIGHTen

The one in St Andrew Square is only there till the 8th, so catch it while you can. There are a couple more in/by Charlotte Square and then a couple more start up next week. Definitely worth a detour!

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