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Enlightenment excitement at the Science Festival

First day at the Science Festival and I don’t see how it can be beaten.  The Edinburgh Enlightenment Exchange was the only event that I’d booked up in advance, knowing that I would be really disappointed if I missed it. … Continue reading

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A wee bit of the Fife Coastal Path

I knew that with the fantastic weather this week, I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t get out and enjoy it.  So for my artist’s date this week, I took myself down to the coast to do a wee segment … Continue reading

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The Gallery: Extreme Close-Up

The topic on The Gallery this week is to take an extreme close-up.  For once I actually remembered the topic in advance and deliberately took some pictures!  This rather scary chap is the mostly-buried Antony Gormley figure outside the Scottish … Continue reading

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Reading under the covers

Every now and again, I get asked if I’d like to join a bookclub.  Every time, I’m surprised by how viscerally I object to the idea.  It’s nice to discuss books with people and I often read books that I’ve … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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11 questions

I’ve been tagged on the 11 things meme by dorkymum.  I’m kind of a sucker for questionnaires, so I’m answering dorkymum’s questions, but I’m too lazy to make up some more questions unless anyone really bugs me for them!  11 … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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