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Enlightenment excitement at the Science Festival

First day at the Science Festival and I don’t see how it can be beaten.  The Edinburgh Enlightenment Exchange was the only event that I’d booked up in advance, knowing that I would be really disappointed if I missed it. … Continue reading

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A wee bit of the Fife Coastal Path

I knew that with the fantastic weather this week, I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t get out and enjoy it.  So for my artist’s date this week, I took myself down to the coast to do a wee segment … Continue reading

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The Gallery: Extreme Close-Up

The topic on The Gallery this week is to take an extreme close-up.  For once I actually remembered the topic in advance and deliberately took some pictures!  This rather scary chap is the mostly-buried Antony Gormley figure outside the Scottish … Continue reading

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Reading under the covers

Every now and again, I get asked if I’d like to join a bookclub.  Every time, I’m surprised by how viscerally I object to the idea.  It’s nice to discuss books with people and I often read books that I’ve … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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11 questions

I’ve been tagged on the 11 things meme by dorkymum.  I’m kind of a sucker for questionnaires, so I’m answering dorkymum’s questions, but I’m too lazy to make up some more questions unless anyone really bugs me for them!  11 … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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Fantastic artist’s date: Anna Barriball

Those of you who are Artist’s Way followers may have realised recently that I haven’t been talking much about Artist’s Way-related things on the blog recently. That’s because I rather fell off the wagon. My intention to do Walking in … Continue reading

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The tyranny of the garden

I’m going to say something distinctly un-British here: I don’t like having a garden. I know that it’s something we’re supposed to appreciate without question. Like the weird American obsession with having a fireplace. But if it were possible to … Continue reading

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Why did I never know about Elsie Inglis?

Apologies for the intermittent posting over the last couple of weeks, real life is definitely getting in the way! I’ve been meaning to write about the International Women’s Day event that I was at on Monday, so given that today … Continue reading

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