I had a lovely day-trip to Durham on Monday.  It’s about 2.5 hours or so from here on the train, which is pretty good, although I didn’t plan my final connection on the way back and ended up with 45 mins in a very boring station.  Oops!

I’ve been to Durham a few times since I studied there but the friend I was with hadn’t been there since I left nearly 10 years ago.  And I rarely go into the town itself now (I have another friend out in one of the villages).

We found that a mystery pair of smug-looking warthogs has appeared in front of St Mary’s College:

and there’s a new, very orange building along from St Mary’s which holds the Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic studies.

Institute of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

And the Upper Room sculpture has gone, after it became rotten.

But otherwise, nothing much changes.

Durham cathedral

Durham cathedralDurham knocker

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4 Responses to Durham

  1. I have only been back to my University town once and it was so different! It made me kind if sad that all these changes had happened and my memories were now obsolete. But hey ho I guess that’s life. :) xx

    • Both places I studied were really historic which I guess means that the main landmarks always stay the same, even though when I visit either I do tend to look at shops and go “what was that before?” I was really pleased to find that our favourite coffee shop in Durham still exists, and still does exactly the same teabread!

  2. I have always wanted to visit Durham ever since I read about the cathedral in art history class.

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