Water of Leith Geowalk

I just realised that I never really posted anything much about the Geowalk I went on a couple of weekends ago on the Water of Leith.  I forgot to take my camera, so only took a couple of pictures.  It’s a shame because it was mostly really pretty – with a couple of crumbling bits that I kind of prefer to prettiness and would love to have got some good shots of!  I must go back when it’s not raining horrible cold rain and spend some time taking pictures.

The one picture I have of the river rather shows how grey it was…

I can thoroughly recommend Angus Miller’s Geowalks – they are really interesting and I always learn something new, about geology or about Edinburgh in general.  I wouldn’t say that geology is necessarily the top subject I would choose to learn if I was studying again, but it’s a lovely excuse to get outside.  And we needed a reason that day once it started raining!

We walked from Dean Terrace in Stockbridge along the Water of Leith past the Modern Art Gallery to Roseburn Terrace.  So not a long walk, but enough to talk about.  I was looking forward to seeing two more Antony Gormley men (having finally seen the first one a few weeks back) but one was difficult to see through the trees and the other one had disappeared!  I know they are designed to fall down if the water is high, so maybe that’s all that happened.  But you have to worry in these days of metal theft!

We took a look at St Bernard’s Well and discussed the dyke of igneous rock that cuts across the mudstone and sandstone – something I certainly would never have spotted.  There’d another one at the next (less decorative) well.

As usual, there was some discussion of where the stone for the houses and bridges came from, as well as the local stone that everything is built on.

Under Dean Bridge, a rather neat graffiti artist had been at work (thanks to Skip for stitching the photo for me).

I think this was my third walk on the Water of Leith (different sections) with Angus.  I’ve been on a couple of hills and a central Edinburgh walk as well.  I am very sporadic when I go, and I’ve only been on the short walks in winter/spring.  One of my aims for this year is to be fit enough to go on his longer summer walks, which are often outside Edinburgh.  The walks have been great for introducing me to bits of Edinburgh that I didn’t know yet (this time I certainly connected streets that I knew individually but couldn’t have fitted together).

If you missed this one but would still like to look at this bit of the Water of Leith with new eyes, there’s a leaflet from Edinburgh Geological Society.

Edited to add: the Water of Leith website tells me that there are indeed three ‘men down’ at the moment!   A good thing I didn’t get round to going looking for the statues in Leith!

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One Response to Water of Leith Geowalk

  1. julietwilson says:

    I’ve been on that walk too, very enjoyable! Yes some of the Gormleys have been removed for maintenance.

    Crafty Green poet

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