Marching for equal marriage

I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  I won’t bother going into the reasons, because they’re all the usual ones.  But today was very different.  Today I went on my first ever march! – the Love Equally march for marriage equality.  Over 1000 people marched through Edinburgh to deliver a Valentine’s card to Alex Salmond that said “Roses are white, thistles are blue, we believe in equal marriage and we hope the Scottish Government will too.”

I’m thoroughly embarrassed that I’ve never marched before – when I think of all the important causes I’ve let go past!  I slightly excuse it by saying that St Andrews (where I was a student) wasn’t really much of a marching place, but really it’s mostly a fear of crowds and an unfamiliar environment.

Anyway, I decided to get over myself and go along, even though I didn’t know anyone else who was going!  (Most of them have that pesky thing called ‘work’ to go to.)  I met some lovely people and it was a nice friendly non-scary march with some good speeches at the end.  Certainly the most useful Valentine’s Day I’ve ever spent.

There were some really fab banners and I’m very impressed with anyone who can get ‘heteronormativity’ into a chant…

love equally march, choice banner

stonewall placards

(Some far better pics available here including decent crowd shots – mine were incredibly fuzzy and I was right at the back so they pretty much show the back of people’s placards!)

As Patrick Harvie said in his speech, marriage has come a long way in recent decades.  I still have my qualms about the history of the institution, but every day I see people re-shaping marriage into a modern, equal partnership.  It’s definitely time for all loving partners to have the same right to marriage – and it’s something that’s supported by the majority of the Scottish people.  Let’s hope that all the party leaders follow through their pledges and we have equal marriage sooner rather than later.

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6 Responses to Marching for equal marriage

  1. That is fantastic! I completely agree with you–how can you not be impressed that “heteronormativity” was in the chant? I struggle a little just to say it out loud.

  2. kitkats23 says:

    Glad you enjoyed your first march.. And I get the sense it won’t be your last ;-) . The history of marriage also raises issues with me personally.. But I can also see how it is changing, and would like to be able to choose whether I entered into it with my partner. I hope that the law changes soon, because being separate is never really going to be equal :-(

    • Thanks for dropping by! I have to say, I am feeling quite embarrassed for never having marched about anything before, it was lovely! And it was great to see the press coverage today.
      I hope you have the ability to make that choice soon, it does look hopeful, let’s hope the politicians follow through.
      PS I enjoyed having a wee look at your blog, your daughter is so cute!

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  4. Cat says:

    Thanks so much for linking this up to the Love Politics Blogs Showcase. It looks like a fab day and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t marched since I was at uni. Maybe it’s time to get back in the habit. There’s certainly plenty going on at the moment!

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