Trivial but useful weekend DIY

Here’s something I was meaning to post last weekend but forgot.  It’s a very trivial but very useful bit of DIY furniture modification!

Like everyone else I know, I have a bazillion chargers for electronic things (how come as phones – other than iphones – harmonised on which charger they take, cameras seemed to go the other way and move from mini-USB to annoying proprietary interface?)

A few years ago, I saw a charging station which I could have sworn was on ikeahacker, but I can’t find it now.  It was a kitchen top cabinet (so a cupboard which is very narrow front-to-back) which had been modified to sit on the floor and was used as a dedicated charging area in someone’s hallway.  I’ve been wanting one since then but never figured out where to implement it.

Then the weekend before last, we reorganised our living room, adding a couple of Leksvik shelf units, one with a closed cupboard.


I realised that this was finally my chance!  I ordered a 6-way individually switchable surge protected extension lead and stuck it in the cupboard with blu-tack.   We made a very inelegant hole in the backboard of the cupboard using a drill and a hacksaw blade and fed through the cable.  It now takes our most-used chargers, with rarer chargers sitting in a box (currently a shoebox!) to be swapped out.

I am unreasonably chuffed with it!  Everything is kept contained (although if I want to be able to see/use my phone or Kindle while charging it, there is just enough space between the doors to feed the cable out).   Everything has a home.  When I remember to pick up some cable ties, it shouldn’t be spaghetti any more!

If I can ever be bothered, there are some next steps I could take.  If I moved the actual socket round the corner (it’s currently to the right of the bookshelf) I could cut a larger hole in the cupboard and have the socket neatly recessed so the bookshelf sits flush.  If I was being particularly anal (who, me?) I would think about having shelves/holders for the electronic items as they charge, although the top of the shoebox seems to be doing the job just fine.

I should add that nothing I have to charge gives up any significant heat that would make me alarmed about charging it in a cupboard!

Anyway, it’s pleasing that an idea I saw ages ago has finally come to fruition.

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