Write? Walk? A progress report

At the start of the year I came up with two very simple New Year’s resolutions:
1) Write
2) Walk
So, with it being February already, I thought I should check in and review how they’re going.

Well, JanNoWriMo was a bust. I wanted to get another 25000 words done (to add to NaNoWriMo’s 50000) but ended up with about half that. I just never hit my stride with it. I went up to Aberdeen a couple of times. my computer broke again, I got a horrible cold… but mainly, I just never got back into the routine of doing those words as the first thing I did in the morning. It was better than nothing I suppose, but not what I intended.

On the other hand, I’ve finally started re-drafting some poems that I wrote before Christmas. I still find re-drafting way harder than writing in the first place, but at least I’m trying, rather than just having it nag away at me, “you really ought to get on with them…”.

And I just wrote a guest post for the wonderful Dorkymum, which will run on her blog at some point in February. I’m very excited!

On the walking front, I finally got my walking shoes and they don’t seem to be giving me blisters, so that’s going to increase my possible walking range significantly. I’ve been getting out most days to do my own little daily loop – not as rural and pretty as the one in Loop Year, just half an hour round the local streets, but it does get me moving.

I’m signed up to go to a Geowalk (like a mobile geology lecture!) on Saturday – I’ve been on a few before and they are brilliant. This one is very short, but one of my aims is to get used to walking again so that I can go out on the full-day Geowalks later in the year. Getting your education and exercise at the same time, what’s not to like?

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