Cameras – they’re not just for knitting

Tara at Sticky Fingers has asked us all to think about our photography resolutions for The Gallery this week.  I know the answer to this one: take pictures of something that’s not knitting!

Most of my pictures over the last three years look something like this:

They all tend to be taken on the same background (my Poang chair) unless I’ve managed to find somebody of the right size to photograph them on.  And they’re almost always hats. I love knitting hats.  This one was taken this week and is supposedly for my nephew, although my sizing is generally rather arbitrary.

I do appreciate the marvellous ravelry knitting site and the fact that it made me get out my camera and record my projects.  Not only is it nice to have a reminder of what I’ve done, but putting my projects online does tend to make more likely to get round to finishing them.

I could certainly resolve to take more interesting and artistic pictures of my knitted items (there’s a whole field of knitting photography.  You can take classes and everything.)  However, there is more to life than knitting!  So as my resolution, I’m going to say that every week I’ll go and take some photos of something that is not made of wool!

(The hat is Scallops on the Bias by the way (ravelry link here).  It’s a fab pattern and really fun to knit, even if the scallopy decrease does have a whole lot of k3togtbl in it.)

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4 Responses to Cameras – they’re not just for knitting

  1. Funny. I am sure you could find some more diverse subjects that woolly items! Like someone wearing your woolly items even?!!!

  2. Maybe you can ease yourself into your resolution and take pics of your needles and wool? :-)

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