Walking in this World

After I finally got to the end of the Artist’s Way last year, I was missing it a wee bit – I’d been quite reluctant to actually wind it up at the end.  One of my commenters suggested the follow-up book, Walking in this World.   Since my New Year’s resolutions are ‘Walk’ and ‘Write’ it seemed like a good way of fostering both of them.  The Artist’s Way really helped me get writing again and I liked that this book adds in some walking.  Also, it was 1p on Amazon so it wasn’t exactly a bit investment if it turns out not to be so good.

I opened the book with some anticipation.  This 12-week programme includes the daily morning pages (journal) and weekly artist’s date (fun solo creative activity) as before, but what would the walking be?

I almost laughed when I saw it.  A weekly walk of … twenty minutes.   What a non-event!

The tasks for the first week are also very short.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  I found that I struggled on some weeks of the Artist’s Way to keep up with all the activities.  If this is more the ‘maintenance’ stage then maybe doing fewer tasks and more of the actual creative activities that we’re trying to foster is not a bad thing.  And maybe it picks up later on. Surely the walking does?  I do think it talks about daily walks eventually.

I certainly find that getting out and walking on my own is important for clearing my head.  When I worked in Malvern, I went for a half-hour walk every lunchtime and then a 1.5-2 hour walk on a Friday afternoon.  That was the right amount for me.   It gave me some much-needed thinking time.

I stopped the lunchtime walk when I moved north and only had half-an-hour for lunch.  And I’ve never picked up any decent length of walking since I gave myself hideous blisters at Newark Airport a couple of years ago – my walking shoes never seemed to fit after that!   I took a trip to Tiso on Thursday and finally bought some new ones.   They are much better than the old ones but I am still paranoid about a little shoe-to-toe contact and haven’t taken them out for real yet.

But if I’m going to meet my New Year’s resolution I really need to take that next step (ha ha) and get moving!

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2 Responses to Walking in this World

  1. Erica Price says:

    I’d forgotten about that book The Artist’s Way. I really should get it out of the library and try it again. Interested to hear about the follow up to it too.

  2. I need to get out and walk more. I am on week 11 now and she is talking about how it is important to get out and move and feel the world around you, etc. But I just get lazy and make up excuses. I am interesting to see how Walking this World goes for you. I am not sure how I am going to feel when I finally finish the artist’s way.

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