Two one-word resolutions

I’m not particularly good at making resolutions.  In part, this is my general contrariness.  What, someone’s telling me to resolve to do something because it’s January?  Nope.  No way.  Same with Lent.

However, this is a natural point for me to take stock.  I told myself that if I didn’t have a job by Christmas, I’d widen my scope of which jobs I’d look at – and I’m definitely doing that now, with a couple of quite different applications going in.

Also, I finished the Artist’s Way, which encouraged me to look towards the future and make some plans, at least for the next few months.

My first thought for a resolution was my perpetual baddest habit, which has been highlighted again and again throughout the Artist’s Way when talking about evil timesucks that contribute to being blocked.  This resolution would be:

Stop pissing about on the internet!!

However, it doesn’t quite sit right with me.  This may just be resistance to what I know would be the best thing for me.  But also, it seems really negative.  Surely there’s a better way to frame it?

I also thought of stay off the caffeine but since this is not even really an issue for me now (the habit having been completely tied up with work, jet-lag and having to get up too early in the morning) it seems like a bit of a cheat.

I put together complicated exercise plans, how many times a week, cardio, stretching, always doing my back exercises…  but then I just felt tired.

So I’ve come down to just two simple resolutions.

1) Write
I am just so much better writing than not writing. I don’t want to dictate which sort of writing, but really, I need to write. In this vein, I’ve set myself a JanNoWriMo target. I haven’t officially signed up or anything, but I’m trying to get another 25,000 words done on the novel of doom. If that doesn’t happen because I suddenly get all obsessed with poetry again, then great. Even if I just journal more. The important thing is that I feel better when I’m getting the words out.

2) Walk
In the comments on my last Artist’s Way post, Viv mentioned the Artist’s Way sequel, Walking in this World. It struck a chord. Again, I’m always better when I’m walking than when I’m not walking. It’s the most efficient way to clear one’s head. I’ve ordered the book (1p + postage) but whether I decide to work through it or not, I’ll just try to remember that when my brain is overloaded, a walk usually sorts it out. To this end, I’d like to finally get round to buying more walking shoes/boots (my feet are an utter nightmare to fit) but in the worst case I can just do a couple of miles in street shoes.

I’m hoping that two words is a sensible amount to remember and pay attention to! And with the advantage that each of these is a treat that makes me happier: who doesn’t want more treats in their life?

I’m linking this with Mama Kat’s workshop – I’m sure there will be plenty of interesting posts over there so go take a look!

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9 Responses to Two one-word resolutions

  1. I think these are actually two quite admirable resolutions to have. Treat yourself.

  2. Indeed, those are great resolutions to focus on this year. One of mine is also “write”, though I’m not calling them resolutions because I forget them by January 5th. Sitting in the hot tub on NYE I told my husband that one of my goals for 2012 was to submit a completed manuscript. I have 360 more days left to do that…I better get writing!

    Followed you over here from Mama Kat’s!

  3. I loved the simplicity of your goals but the complexity of their actual implementation. Really, we don’t need much more in life than writing and walking, but I’d probably add eat (great food), drink (fabulous wine), and read (fascinating books). Good luck with yours!

    • That sounds like a pretty rounded life!
      I like that the resolutions can kind of be as simple or as complicated as I want them to be. I always have paper with me, and have mostly got over feeling like I have to write something clever. And I’m usually wearing shoes :)

  4. The simple ideas are always the best ones. Great goals from 2012!

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