(A bit of) 2011 in blog posts

Linking up with Mama Kat’s writing workshop again…  the prompt is to choose one post from each month in 2011.  Given that I’ve only been blogging since August, this’ll be quick!   But it’s nice to look back.

In August I kicked off the blog by explaining why I called it blur of woodsmoke, and talking about what I expected from the blog.

“I’m planning on writing a few reviews, maybe posting some poetry in its second draft (the first goes on my writing group website), some observations, and some thoughts about the Artist’s Way, which I’m just starting today.”

Well, I’ve certainly posted a lot about the Artist’s Way, but I am remarkably reluctant to get round to redrafting any poems!  I did have great fun going to the end of the festival, but only posted a little about it.  I notice on looking back that my posts were way shorter back at the start!

In September, there are so many posts to choose from that it’s difficult to pick one!  I really enjoyed the places that I visited for Doors Open Day and nearly picked one of those for the September post.  But I think it really has to be one of my reading deprivation posts.  This was definitely the most difficult part of the Artist’s Way.  In If I don’t read, will I still exist? I laid out some ground rules for the exercise and wondered and worried about it

“I’m just not sure who I am without a constant inward flow of words…My own inner voice: well, it’s a bit of a pest.”

By far the most exciting thing in October came right at the end, when I donated my voice to science – I was recorded by a research group who use the recordings to construct natural-sounding artificial voices for people who lose their voice to Motor Neurone Disease.

“I just geekily love the idea, that someone somewhere could be going around with my Ks or As or Ts and never know it. They’d just know that they’d got something approaching their own voice back.”

November was the month of NaNoWriMo – I was slightly surprised that I did actually manage to write 50,000 words of a novel without all that much difficulty!  In NaNoWriMo win, I looked back to my initial hopes and fears about the process to see which ones had been fulfilled.

“I am thinking of doing it again in future years. On the good days, it was some of the best fun I’ve had in ages.”

In December, I linked up with a Christmassy edition of Mama Kat’s workshop and got the most comments that I’ve ever had on any post, when I wrote an open letter to Santa:

“Dear Santa Claus, I was so relieved when I found out that you didn’t exist.”

It’s been a fun 4 months or so, and I’m really looking forward to a new blogging year in 2012.  Happy new year to everybody when it comes!

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3 Responses to (A bit of) 2011 in blog posts

  1. April says:

    Here via Mama Kat, and your voice intrigues me. Looking forward to reading more in 2012! Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds like it’s been a great year. I saw about the NaNoWriMo from BlogHer the other day and it sure sounds like so much fun and I’m seriously consider trying it out. Happy New Year! :)

  3. CJ says:

    I stopped by from Mama Kat’s —and chose your post “If I don’t read….” to read. I left a lengthy comment there.

    Thanks for stopping by to read my Mama Kat’s contribution last week.

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