Another version of Kim’s Game…

I was saying yesterday that remembering everything that had been sitting on my living room side table is like Kim’s Game

Well, what is far more like Kim’s Game is the seasonal pursuit of glancing at your Amazon wish list and seeing that something has been bought – but what? I’m trying not to think too much about it. In fact, it’s best just not to look at that wish list at all after I’ve done the November update, but I just wanted to check that I’d removed Chris Mullin’s new volume of diaries since I finally cracked and bought it for the Kindle (we’re going away for the weekend and I’d rather not take actual books. I’ll call it a Christmas present to myself or something.) I’d had it on there for a while but I decided a few weeks ago that it would be far preferable to read on the Kindle than as a hardback (you know what I think about hardbacks).

Of course I could totally cheat by looking at the ‘purchased’ list but that is no fun at all. Neither do I want to rack my brains figuring out exactly what I had on there. I’d better just stay away and look forward to a surprise!

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