Hot head

Finally, winter has properly arrived (although here in Fife we have escaped the snow entirely).  This can only mean one thing:

Hot took hat

It’s time for the return of the ridiculous hat (which looks even more ridiculous in the photo because I hadn’t taken the tag off yet).

Given that I am a knitter (albeit a lazy one), you’d think I’d be swanning around in something attractive and hand-knit.  I have indeed knitted some lovely hats.  The one with the big ribbed brim (something I would never knit for anything else) that I made from last year’s Christmas present Rowan Silk Twist is a particular favourite.  I have a lovely handspun hand-dyed red hat that I received in a present exchange with a random internet person in the US years ago.   I have my first colourwork hat and a nice burgundy Cashmerino hat that is the first adult hat I ever made.

However, I also have the coldest ears on the planet and knitted hats are not generally windproof.  A few years back I got sick of not being able to have my Friday walk on the Malvern Hills because my ears would become extremely painful within the first 5 minutes.

So, like any self-respecting maximiser, I scoured the internet obsessively for the perfect hat.

The Hot Took Hat is the answer.  It is a technical outdoor hat made of windproof fabric and fleece and is totally over-the-top for city use. I swithered over the cost.  It looks completely ridiculous (and the picture on that link makes me wonder whether I’ve been wearing it inside-out).    It makes me look like a pasty pointy-headed elf.  Somehow it gives me a pointy nose and chin when normally they are distinctly blob-like.  But it is the warmest thing ever on the earth.

I went out yesterday in jeans – so my legs were freezing – and a jumper and fleece that managed not to be windproof – so the rest of me was freezing – but at least I had a lovely warm toasty head.

I did wonder briefly whether the preponderance of those weird fake sheepskin hats with ears this year would make my daft hat stick out a bit less, but I suspect not.  I don’t care.  It’s going to be glued to my head on every single day that the temperature drops below 5C.  It’s one of the few things that makes the winter bearable.

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