Dawdling towards the end of the Artist’s Way

I seem to be stretching out the last week of the Artist’s Way. It’s 2 weeks long already and not really showing any signs of ending. It’s not like I have a vast amount more to do so I think I am just lacking in focus.

Two of the tasks this week are about tying up loose ends: you are asked to re-pot your plants and do your mending. Well, my poor plants are still bursting out of their little pots (despite me having the pots – the plastic ones, anyway – ready and waiting) and I can’t face going out to the shed in the dark right now so they’ll have to cope for one more day. And my cardigans are still sitting there, one with a stain that looks like turmeric that I was going to try to bleach out, and one with just a button missing. I swear that button’s been missing for 6 months. Maybe that’s something I could do right now…

Over the last few weeks I have definitely been letting my artist’s date go, and that’s not good. It shouldn’t be hard to find something really fun to do for a couple of hours. But I think I’ve started to make some of my creative activities into obligations. NaNoWriMo was great, but it turned writing into a structured task rather than a fun spontaneous activity. I have a bunch of poems that need some work if I’m ever to submit them anywhere, and ideally I would do them by Thursday so I can get feedback from my writing group at our work-in-progress meeting. I’ve only just caught up with my online writing group and if I don’t submit today I’ll be behind again (and I just remembered that I need to think up a prompt for tomorrow!) I’m only knitting one Christmas present but it feels like it should take priority over other knitting (the result of which at the moment is that I’m just not knitting rather than attempt to knit that pesky thumb.) I’m putting together a schedule for this week (which is going to get way busy, although with good things), so now has got to be the time to block out that 2 hours of childish entertaining artist’s date. It’s much missed. A good artist’s date really does feel like it lightens the week.

Looking at the Artist’s Way tasks again, it seems like I am totally procrastinating on writing down the list of ways in which I am procrastinating – is that going to create an infinite loop? Also, I’m supposed to plan how I will go forward for the next few months.

I’m a bit scared about leaving the Artist’s Way. It has provided a great structure for the last 3 months or so, and I do feel I’ve made progress. I need to remember that before I started the Artist’s Way I had only just started writing again – maybe 3 or 4 pieces for my online group – and since then I have:
– written the first 52000 words of a novel
– joined a real-life writing group, and proved to myself that I can write something I’m really pleased with in 30 minutes or less (and met some great people there too)
– challenged myself in art class (and even started to enjoy it)
– written more than 80 blog posts
– been more experimental in what I write for my online writing group
– started having way more fun with a camera
– picked up some old activities again, like the Celtic knotwork
– started experiencing art exhibitions in a completely different way
– had some really good fun in my artist’s dates.
Of course, it’s impossible to tell what I can credit the Artist’s Way with, versus what might have happened anyway once I had time available. But I think the Artist’s Way has encouraged me to think a bit differently about what I might like to try out, and given me an excuse to do things that I might have dismissed otherwise.

Now I just have to pull myself together and actually finish…

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3 Responses to Dawdling towards the end of the Artist’s Way

  1. It is so interesting to read how you are going through your artists way, as I am a few weeks behind. I think I will have trouble when it is over too. It hasn’t been monumentally life altering, but it has provided some fantastic insights, and helped me to implement those small beneficial changes. Artists dates can be hard. I have the time. For me, making time isn’t really the issue, it is just hard to think of something to do sometimes. We don’t have galleries or museums on the island here I can go wander through for a few hours, so sometimes I just feel stuck at home.

  2. I always think that your artist’s dates are so much more creative than mine!

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