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I found him!

The last time I was at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art,  I was wondering where the Antony Gormley sculpture was (I’m still very embarrassed that I haven’t been to visit all the Antony Gormley sculptures yet.  I’ll drive … Continue reading

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Christmas knitting

I couldn’t post about these at the time I was knitting them, so a brief post now… I rarely knit for other people.  I am a slow, fussy knitter, with a vast number of things that I want to knit … Continue reading

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(A bit of) 2011 in blog posts

Linking up with Mama Kat’s writing workshop again…  the prompt is to choose one post from each month in 2011.  Given that I’ve only been blogging since August, this’ll be quick!   But it’s nice to look back. In August … Continue reading

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The Artist’s Way: a final post

I’ve only just got round to actually finishing the Artist’s Way. On the 4th of December, I posted that I was dawdling and I’ve just stayed like that really.  I did my morning pages quite well until I was away … Continue reading

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My Fantasy Christmas Dinner (after dorkymum)

I loved dorkymum’s fantasy Christmas dinner, so here’s mine: Catering: I take it the Man versus Food guy would be a bad idea?  Nigella’s pretty much a parody of herself these days so I’m going to say Nigel Slater, with … Continue reading

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Things I miss about England

We were ‘down south’ for a lovely wedding this weekend and wandering round the more beautiful parts of Abingdon made me think about all the things I miss about living in England (I guess this is the flip side of … Continue reading

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Donation frustration

It is one of life’s little ironies that, while I am an enthusiastic and in fact somewhat evangelical advocate of blood donation, I am completely crap at giving blood myself. I have teeny-tiny wizened little spidery veins that like to … Continue reading

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