There’s nothing like a casserole for feeling organised

I thought that I was managing the addition of NaNoWriMo to my life quite well until I realised that I was enormously behind with the laundry and we’d been scratching together entirely random meals for the last two weeks (it didn’t help that my stomach had been playing up and I’d been eating lots of plain microwave rice). Now, since I’m not working, cooking is definitely my responsibility and it has been sadly neglected.

Yesterday, my week was totally thrown up in the air by finding out about an all-day workshop that I wanted to go to today (and, by some miracle, actually getting a place on it) and also finding a really relevant talk in Glasgow tomorrow. Both great for advancing my jobhunting plans, but not very helpful to my general level of organisation.

I did the only thing possible. I went out to buy some veg, and I made a casserole. At least I know that no matter what else happens, we’ll be properly fed this week. I made smoked mackerel and rice for dinner last night (easiest meal in the world ever) and then it’s casserole all the way to Friday.

No actual recipe for the casserole – just defrost and brown the gorgeous diced steak that was part of my birthday bag o’ meat (great present), lightly fry an onion, a green pepper, 3 carrots, 2 parsnips (including the totally weird-looking one I bought because it amused me but was now distinctly bendy), bung in a jar of passata, a jug of beef stock and a whole box of past-their-best mushrooms and bung in the big Le Crueset pot for an hour and a half at 180.

It smells awesome, it tastes divine, and I feel that at least one thing in life is somewhat under control.

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2 Responses to There’s nothing like a casserole for feeling organised

  1. Now you see, no matter what I do to a casserole the meat is always chewy and the vegetables hard. Every time I attempt it! It’s like someone hexed me with a can’t cook gene. Tut. :) xx

  2. Sometimes dishes just do seem to be cursed, don’t they? I would burn curries to the bottom every time before I gave up and started doing them in the oven! The problem with casseroles initially was that my mum did them exactly as I described there, throwing stuff in, so I had to find recipes in recipe books for a while till I got confident enough to go off-piste!

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