I freaking love collage. Can I do collage every week?

Last week, I had a breakthrough in art class: I actually enjoyed it.  For the first time I didn’t just feel terribly at sea. The subject last week was paint manipulation and I had a load of fun acting like a toddler and splashing paint about.  However, I still didn’t produce anything that I liked the look of. (I did like what resulted from the collaborative painting exercise where we all worked on each other’s painting  but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count: some people in the class are actually good.)

This week I had a bigger breakthrough: I had fun and I made something I like!    I made a collage that I still find rather pleasing.  Not to everybody’s taste at all, I’m sure, and a bit rough and ready but I like it.  It suffered a bit in my bag (it wasn’t dry) but the pictures I took at the class came out kind of fuzzy, so I took these at home.  If I feel inclined sometime, I might reglue some of the stuff that’s lifting off and add a few more layers of paint.

Now that I’m relieved of having to draw something that looks like something, I’m way happier.  Also the task was quite clearly outlined, which helps me as a clueless newbie. Add 3 textures to your paper (cloth, shiny leaflets and buttons in my case), add three colours (well, I did two initially), then play about with it.

I’ve been fascinated with these UFO leaflets at the South Bridge resource centre where the class is held, so I cut up a bunch of them for my collage.  One thing that amuses me a lot is that one of the pictures they use is such a classic image of a lenticular cloud.  The gecko in the bottom right hand corner and the globe surrounded by space garbage are from Physics World.  I had a lot of fun drawing and cutting out the ‘UFO’ stencil (the tiny scissors in my Swiss Card turned out to be unexpectedly useful.)

Now I’m going to feel resentful that I don’t get to do collage every week.  I know what I’ll be doing on week 10 when I get free choice!

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3 Responses to I freaking love collage. Can I do collage every week?

  1. keep up the good work….

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