Today is halfway though November, so halfway through NaNoWriMo and I am pleased to report that I am more than halfway through my words! Currently sitting at 27,700 according to NeoOffice, which is a little more forgiving than Word. It’s also what I’ve been forced to use since my laptop cable broke at the end of last week. Even though I have a new cable now, it’s still best for me to sit at Mr Woodsmoke’s computer and try not to mess my back up too much.

The story so far is going pretty much as I’d planned. It’s taking quite a while to say it, but then, I was never really going to wrap up a whole novel in 50,000 words. The actual romantic fiction stuff is a lot more established now: the main character has finally got together with man #1 (older serious-seeming guy with hidden passion) after seeming to put it off for a while. They’ve even had a couple of sex scenes, which definitely come into the category of ‘sections not to be read by anyone other than me’. They were surprisingly fun to write though. She’s also met man #2 (young floppy-haired idealist), although she didn’t particularly notice him all that much at the time…

I was getting to the point of completely running out of plot – having only had a 3-line idea before I started was really quite limited in where it would take me – but I just had an idea this morning of what the bump in the road will be between the main character and man #1, thus throwing her into the arms of man #2. (And then who will she end up with? Huh? I have as much idea as you do. But I did give man #2 long hair, which definitely gives him a head start in my eyes.)

The actual writing experience has been variable, but usually OK. I do best if I just sit down in the morning and get on with it, get the words out the way for the day. It’s tougher if for some reason I have to delay them. I had a really poor day on Sunday when I was doing other things – only 300 words – but then I had a crazy-enthusiastic day yesterday and wrote 4000 words. Once I had that halfway mark in sight I just couldn’t stop.

I’ve never written any fiction beyond maybe 2000 words before so it’s all such new territory. When it’s a good day, it’s like just watching the events happen and (inexpertly) transcribing them. On a bad day it is just a matter of squeezing out one word, then another… then another… That’s when I rely on the fact that all the settings are familiar to me, and go on a description binge. Or just make two of the characters have a really long boring conversation.

I realise that I’m in a far more conducive situation than most people for doing NaNoWriMo (most people have jobs, and kids and things) but I have to say I’m still bloody proud of how it’s going so far, this assembly of wooden characters doing wooden stereotypical things and spouting bad dialogue. I’ll worry about writing good stuff later. For now, I am writing. It’s awesome.

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5 Responses to Halfway!

  1. october35 says:

    Yay! You’ve captured a lot of how I feel about NaNoWriMo – especially the days where every. single. word. is an effort versus the days where it practically writes itself :)

  2. Morag says:

    So proud. I need to get some of your spirit of “just keep writing”! Keep going! :)

  3. Thanks, Cath and Morag, I wouldn’t have got this far without such great cheerleaders!

  4. october35 says:

    It’s nice to have someone else enjoying it and to talk about it with. Pretty sure most people think I’m just nuts/weird/sad/deluded for doing it

  5. Exactly, the most important thing is to write write write! I’ve never made it past about 2000 words before either, so at this point it’s the quintuple digits that are spurring me onward. It’s just so encouraging to see that word count climb!! Congrats and keep up the great work!!

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