The Artist’s way: week 9 (second and final version)

I just finished my second go at the Artist’s Way week 9. Last week I hardly read any of my morning pages, and since that seemed key to the week, I thought I’d better have another go.

This week, I appreciated quite how long it takes to read 10 weeks of morning pages in my handwriting. Actually, 11, since I left it till the end of the week (remember that I did a week 0 and 2 week 9s). I got a chunk done yesterday. Today should have been the first day of week 10, but I spent a lot of it ploughing through my own horrible boring words.

I think this is meant to be inspirational, but as I said yesterday, I just got very sick of myself.

The task in the book gives you questions to answers, but I’d probably better not tell you who I have consistently complained about. Mostly myself, actually. I did find a few useful plans for creative projects that I forgot that I’d written down. Mostly, I understood why you’ve not to read the pages at an early stage. I spent many many hours today with my 8am self and it was not a pleasant experience. Earlier on, it would probably have been enough to make me quit the Artist’s Way. As it is, I only have 3 weeks to go, so I may as well finish.

There were a whole bunch of other tasks to do this week, but I didn’t do any of them. Maybe I can carry them over.

I did all my morning pages, thus making more of a rod for my own back.

My artist’s date was a bit skimpy – I went round the George Bain exhibition which took under an hour, although it was totally fascinating. I then spent an hour reading a novel in the gallery surroundings so maybe that counts? I suspect not. The Artist’s Way isn’t very fond of reading. I had a small excursion of trying to take tartan tat photos on Monday, which was definitely fun and artist’s-date-like but again, not very long.

I am really, really hoping that week 10 is not such a slog. Tomorrow I will open the week 10 chapter and try to give it my best go.

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4 Responses to The Artist’s way: week 9 (second and final version)

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the Artist’s Way. I too struggled with Week 9. Didn’t do any tasks the first time, and then didn’t do any again until Saturday the following time. I’ve got more than 10 weeks worth of morning pages to get through, too, because I spent a few weeks around Week 5 just doing morning pages but not doing anything else – that was around the time I’d had my tonsils out and I didn’t feel up to doing much more than morning pages anyway.

    I just read through Week 10 last night. I was a little disappointed. Its focus is on distracting addictions, primarily workaholism. I have the opposite problem to workaholism – I avoid the work and just do the fun things instead. So I don’t know how useful it is for me … But I’ll keep plugging away it. I’m quite close to finishing – although I am thinking about getting the two sequels, ‘Walking In This World’ and ‘Finding Water’.

    • I had the opposite-of-workaholism problem during week 4! The reading deprivation made me slightly more creative but a lot less inclined to sit down at my computer and do the useful jobhunting stuff.
      I will comment more when I have actually read the new chapter. Thanks for stopping by to share your experiences, good to know I’m not the only one.

  2. Grubby Grrrl says:

    I’m thinking once I finish my 365 project, I may (or may not) take on the Artist’s Way challenge. So I look forward to your posts as you are going through it. And because I’m usually a person to stick with stuff (sometimes I stick too long to commitments I should bail out on!) I kinda hope you complete it. However, it’s all good if you decide to quit if it is not helpful to you. I know I’ve changed the “rules” with my project when the schedule was stressing me out and making me hate it. Good luck either way!

    • Thanks!
      I’m pretty sure I will complete it, I’m so close. It may take me the odd extra week again though.
      So far, apart from week 9, I think it has been really good for me. I have not been too diligent about doing absolutely everything in the tasks, but I reckon that just leaves me the option of doing it all again some time! For me the important thing is the morning pages: I find writing them really useful even though I detested reading them back.

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