Moaning pages

As I said last week, I’m taking a second pass at week 9 of the Artist’s Way this week, because I couldn’t get through reading all my morning pages (for non-TAW types, this is the daily stream-of-conscious journal). In fact I hardly read any of them last week, and put them off this week till I ended up reading a chunk of them in a swimming pool cafe with a hangover, accompanied by the hideous song from the Noddy ride.

Maybe that was the reason that the morning pages seemed so incredibly unappealing. Is this meant to just make you terribly bored of yourself? I guess that’s not really the idea. But of course I got through the same things over and over again, day after day and it’s just really boring. There’s the odd insight, idea and the occasional complete mystery (I got really good advice from John? Who on earth is John?). Turns out that back in September I’d had more idea for this NaNoWriMo novel than I thought I’d had, so those might feed into the writing.

The other thing that struck me was the incredibly vivid dreams I’d had during the reading deprivation week. I must have been trying to make up my own stories!

I haven’t even got anywhere near the second full volume of morning pages. Having done a week 0 (just morning pages and artist’s date) and two week 9s, and doing this at the end of the second week 9, means that I have approximately 57750 words to read. In my horrible writing. And there isn’t a plot. Makes NaNoWriMo look like literature…

I’m hoping that at the end of all this there is something vastly illuminating. Or a bonfire. Either would do.

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