T is for tartan tat

kilts outside shopkilt and see-you-jimmy hats I enjoyed the Gallery so much last week that I wanted to do it again. The subject this week is the letter T. For some reason, this made me think of something very prevalent near here: tartan tat!

I set out into Edinburgh with my camera, hoping to get a few photos of the terrible excesses of Royal Mile tourist shops. However, once I got there I found that I had no charge in my camera battery and had to hastily change plans to the phone in my camera. This came with its own issue: instead of standing across the road and doing a sneaky zoom, I had to get up close and personal to the terrible merchandise. And it turns out that Edinburgh shopkeepers watch their displays like hawks and are not shy of coming out and hovering over you. So the above pictures were taken as a bit of a drive-by!

I hadn’t realised till I went to take these photos quite how many of these shops there are, at least a dozen on the Royal Mile alone and that’s not including their slightly more classy cousins, the knitwear, Celtic and whisky shops. Visitors need never be more than 50 yards away from a towel with a picture of a kilt on it or a see-you-jimmy hat.

At least the change of seasons seems to be reducing the density of pipers!

More from this week’s Gallery here (should be nice and varied!)

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14 Responses to T is for tartan tat

  1. Oooh, I love a bit of tatty tourist shopping. Will have to make a note to make sure I visit the Royal Mile if I’m ever in Edinburgh. Loved reading about your mission to get the pics as well :)

  2. haha..its always the way with stuff that tourists love isnt it. I think here you are never more than 50 yards from some sort of beatles memorabilia. thanks for your comment on my blog x

  3. Brilliant, did they have the little dolls in tartan as well. They are proper hideous! xxx

    • Ooh I haven’t seen the tartan dolls for a while. I’m sure if I went inside I would find some. Outside is mostly cheap kilts and hats. With really tarty wee tartan dresses in some of the windows.

  4. I always wonder – who buys that stuff?
    Really, how many kilts must they sell in a day?
    Might have to send you back on another mission for the answers!

    • From the ones I was looking at, a large group of Italian tourists were swarming round but I didn’t see any actual evidence of buying. There certainly doesn’t seem to be much turnover in the shopfronts. Stag parties? We have plenty of those.

  5. pinkoddy says:

    I loved my visit to Edinburgh with all the men in their tartan kilts – nice choice :)

  6. This tartan stuff is really nasty. I believe the council were trying to ban it but I’m really not sure how they were going to achieve that.

  7. Tara says:

    Honestly the things you guys to for The Gallery *big smiley face* x

  8. LauraCYMFT says:

    Can’t beat a bit of Tartan! It’s those little soft toys, the men with the red hair and beard and kilts that get me! Can’t beat a bit of shortbread though YUM!

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