Pumpkin creations

Somehow both Mr Woodsmoke and I have been being more creative/crafty recently.  I don’t know whether it’s my Artist’s Way rubbing off, or just that we’ve had a little bit of a breather.  His woodturning class certainly seems to be going better than my art class.

Today we both had fun with our extra hour (for our transatlantic friends: we just changed our clocks.  This will cause endless trouble if you have to have US-UK meetings in the next week.)

Mr Woodsmoke carved a Halloween lantern for the first time since he was a kid.  He tells me that pumpkins are way way easier than “bagies” (I had not heard this word for a turnip before, but turnips are what we used to carve as kids too and they are really tough!)   He decided on a very classic pumpkin face:

pumpkin lantern

I turned the remainder into a batch of pumpkin muffins.   A little guesswork was involved on translating from tinned pumpkin: I decided to boil the pumpkin for a wee while to soften it.  Otherwise the recipe was more or less the one from my all-purpose muffin bible.  There was slightly more pumpkin than required, and I left out the cloves (cloves are evil).  I used water because we are out of milk, and added the optional raisins (no walnuts, although I’m sure they’d also be nice if you like that sort of thing).

pumpkin muffins

They rose beautifully in the oven, but sank a little afterwards.  They are more orange than the picture looks on my screen.

Eaten warm, they are squishy and rich, and I’ve just been informed by Mr Woodsmoke that they are “full of taste”.  The texture is a bit different from your average muffins, being moister inside with a slightly crispier outside (probably just a function of how long I cooked them).  To my taste, they’re a bit too sweet (I used 4oz of sugar from the 4-6oz recommended, but with 3tbsp of honey I don’t think all the sugar’s required).

Now let’s see whether they hang around for long enough to try them cold!




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5 Responses to Pumpkin creations

  1. I remember trying to carve turnips as a child – absolute nightmare! Must ask my Scottish husband if he’s heard the word ‘bagies’!

  2. Peeriemoot says:

    I went to the shop today to get a neep (not a bagie – not heard that before) and they didn’t have any! Will have to try again tomorrow morning. I did a pumpkin one year and it *is* much easier but the smell is All Wrong. I don’t care about the skinned knuckles :-D.

  3. Grubby Grrrl says:

    “cloves are evil” – LOL! I’m fascinated by how creativity is increasing in your lives. It will be interesting to see how that changes over time. And your muffins look tasty!!

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