Celtic artist’s date

Having been exceptionally busy with jobhunting for the last couple of days, I’m only now getting round to writing about Tuesday’s artist’s date.

When I was a teenager I started drawing Celtic knotwork and really enjoyed it, but I stopped in first year of university. The George Bain exhibition at the National Gallery (which I have still only seen from a distance! – I was in a couple of days before it opened) inspired me to get out my copy of Celtic Art: the Methods of Construction.  I decided that I was going to have fun drawing some freehand knots, no lines or measuring.

First I warmed up on some basic knotwork:

Then had fun with a big knot.
Celtic knot
This reminded me that there are two ways to ink a knot: the sensible left to right way (no smudges) and the fun method of following each thread through the knot to see where it goes. I went for the second method, hence the smudging!

I love how George Bain makes the construction so clear. I was just contemplating his explanation of why Celtic artists never make miscrossings (I wanted to say a miscrossed cable there, I’m getting confused with knitting!) when I did this:

(Spot the miscrossing at the bottom left of the left and middle knots – my subconscious was clearly having fun with me.)

Finally, I had fun copying one of the designs from nearer the back of the book:
Celtic knot

A brilliant artist’s date, the time passed so quickly and I have always found drawing knots to be really meditative.   I was really excited in the one part of the exhibition I did see (on the outside of the wee room) to see George Bain teaching aids with colour!  – something you don’t get in the book.  So maybe next time I will be inspired to make my knots colourful!

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