I’ve never actually posted on the Gallery on the Sticky Fingers before (it’s a lovely idea, people post pictures and stories all on the same theme and it’s great to read). However, this week the theme is faces and I just really wanted to share this photo.

Now, clearly it has limited technical merit – just think how much better it would look without those random doors in the background!    But I really love the two faces.

My nephew was completely freshly-hatched (1 day old) and was still doing that new baby gurning thing where they seem to change from minute to minute as they try on their new face.   I haven’t seen all that many brand new babies as an adult and I’m always surprised by the motions they go through!   Endlessly fascinating.

Mr Woodsmoke on the other hand is just endlessly fascinated by babies.   When this photo was taken, he was having a very intense (if, it must be admitted, somewhat one-sided) conversation with the wee one.  One thing that he does well with all children – possibly slightly more relevant with the older ones – is that he always takes them seriously and gives them all his attention.   No wonder that he is such a beloved godfather.

The other thing that I like in this picture is the contrast of Mr Woodsmoke’s thumb against my nephew’s whole hand!    I guess also the nose-to-nose, mouth-to-mouth, eye-to-eye comparison.

What a beautiful relationship I hope they’ll have as they grow older.

(More posts on the same subject at the Gallery here).

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12 Responses to Faces

  1. it’s a lovely photo – a developing friendship.

  2. Yes pure awe and wonderment seen in this! How tiny is your nephew? x

  3. marisworld says:

    The expression on Mr Woodsmoke’s face says it all, it’s pure wonder. Gorgeous photo says a million words

  4. @Jikan says:

    I ditto the above comment exactly lol

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind comments! I have loved reading all the different takes on this theme. So many wonderful faces out there.

  6. I wish someone would take me seriously and gives me all their attention too, but alas, I am but not as cute… great photo tho (except for the doors!!! ;-))

  7. Beautiful photo, very tender and trusting. Your husband looks ever so captivated and curious with your nephew

  8. LauraCYMFT says:

    Really lovely photo. Before I read the post I thought the picture just showed how much this man was in wonder of this new baby. He definitely looks like his full attention is on your nephew.

  9. Hope you enjoyed your first foray into the Gallery. It’s a great way to nose around the bloggersphere and find other blogs – like yours!
    Great choice for a photo; I wouldn’t have noticed the random doors if you hadn’t pointed them out. Can see them now though ;-)

  10. I did indeed enjoy my first go at the Gallery. I loved finding new blogs and seeing everyone’s comments.

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