Geeky excitement

I have signed up to do something next Monday that has me very geekily excited.

– It is not a science festival
– It is not a public talk
– It is not an exhibition
– It is not related to physics or engineering
– It does take place at a university
– It does take place during the working day
– It does require participation
– It does not require any special knowledge
– It is gloriously geeky
– It is science-related
– And it is actually, genuinely, useful.

Any guesses? All will be revealed on Monday

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10 Responses to Geeky excitement

  1. Peeriemoot says:

    Are you going to learn how to fight cybermen?

  2. Lara says:

    Are you going to be a guinea pig for some weird experiment? I wouldn’t advise it. (thinks back to time spent with head covered in electrodes and things in Psychology Dept while student- guinea pig for hire- will twitch for money)

  3. october35 says:

    Are you participating in some kind of mass coding/solving exercise (like those gamers who decoded an AIDS protein which had baffled scientists for 15 years)?

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