The Artist’s Way: week 8

Week 8!  Already!

Again, the week has rather got ahead of me.   When I started all this, I was quite good at organising artist’s dates and not too awful at getting other stuff done.  Now, I seem to hit the buffers at Saturday night going “what was it that I was supposed to do this week, again?” The conclusions:

I did all my morning pages – gold star for me!

On the artist’s date: well, I did have one on Sunday at David Mach but I think I already tried to claim that as a hangover from last week.  The collaging on Monday was like a short artist’s date.  Still, I’d write it down as a ‘could do better’.

Synchronicity, meh.  Affirmations, double meh (although the ones in this chapter are not too stupid if you like that sort of thing).

Now I have to confess that I only did any of the exercises just before writing this post. I always start the week intending to spread out the exercises, then forget about them for 4-6 days before making a half-assed job of them.

I did like the fill-in-the-blanks exercise in the chapter proper.  If I do those fast, I find them nice tools for getting my gut reactions out.  When “planning my dream” I had to fight my scepticism, but did it in good faith.   I described myself as a colour (always been blue, but a nice blue, not a sad one) and I found out that almost all the activities I like are solitary and cheap (this is not a surprise to anyone).

Maybe I am not very imaginative, but my ideal day was remarkably close to some of my days recently (wander round taking photos, nice lunch, gallery/museum, meet nice friends for coffee, go home) and my ideal ideal day only really tweaked reality to give me a totally organised house with lots of art hung up and some incredibly comfortable shoes.  And a nice sunny day.   I guess I could have relocated it to Stockholm or Chicago, but really, Edinburgh’s pretty nice.  And I’m quite easy to please.

I didn’t do either of the exercises that looked like they actually involved effort, although the one about drawing things that you are not allowed to do did sound quite fun.

The chapter generally has a just-get-on-and-do-it theme which is quite useful at this point.  I’m finding myself with a seemingly endless to-do list and it’s always helpful for me to remember that just doing one thing every day on each list is still a lot better than not doing anything.

The take-home message from chapter 8:
“Q: Do you know how old I’ll be be the time I learn to play the piano?
A: The same age you will be if you don’t.”
I really love that. I need to put it into practice a bit more and get more comfortable with being a beginner.

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