On being a godfather

Seeing Adam Ramsay’s post ‘On Being an Uncle‘ referenced on DorkyMum’s Listography reminded me how much Mr Woodsmoke liked that uncle post when he first read it (I did too!).
Here’s a guest post from Mr Woodsmoke with his own reflections – our nephew and niece are extremely young as yet but he’s “UNCLE RICH!!!” to a lovely godson and goddaughter. His own blog  Third Party Observations is purely a professional one about intellectual property, so the post definitely fits better over here!

“There can be few things better than your siblings having children. I thoroughly recommend it.”

Few things indeed. Although your best friend having children gets pretty close.

J is coming up to three and I’ve known him since he was about a week old. I’ve known his dad for over half my life. He was my best man, I was his best man and now I’m J’s godfather and namesake. We’re pretty good friends.

I go round to visit most weekends. The standard way of getting into the house is to look through the front window and tap it to get J’s attention. I can hear the scream through the front door. Shortly afterwards the door opens and an exuberant wee man (I don’t think J has ‘toddled’ since he was two) hurls himself at me, grabs my hand and drags me off to play.

Dinosaurs – check. Sharks – check. Also crocodiles. I remember one particular weekend when J, J’s mum and I went looking for crocodiles in the woods just out the back of their house. To the untrained eye they look suspiciously like large logs but we know better. We’re good at sneaking past them too – they’ve never heard us yet and given chase!  Mum went home to get the tea on, leaving me to bring J home in our own good time. Jogging along a sunlight dappled woodland path, with the wee man zooming alongside me on his scooter – that was a good day. One of many but that one still stands out.

J’s sister E is one-and-a-bit and I’m proud to be her godfather as well (I guess I’m doing something right with J). She’s still toddling but probably not for long and when she bashes into something and falls over, its odds on whether mum, dad, or godfather will be called upon to hug it all better.  I was at the organised chaos that was E’s first birthday. Friends, family, new toys and balloons but the combination of my lap and a book to read managed to trump it all.

That was another good day.

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