As I said yesterday, I missed one of last week’s Artist’s Way tasks which was to make a collage using magazine pictures that somehow represent aspects of your life (you are allowed to just add stuff you like, too).  Since I no longer get many magazines, I decided to do this virtually on Flickr:
– did a search for Creative Commons licenced pictures that don’t mind me messing with them. The only selection I did was to rank by “Interesting” then I just browsed the images,
– spent half an hour favouriting images,
– picked some to upload into Photovisi,
– and now I have a collage!

It could be a lot more aesthetically pleasing if I spent more time on it, but I really enjoyed the activity.

I think most of the pictures speak for themselves.  The lightning is for science as well as just being cool lightning.   The bridge is for engineering.  Some favourite places and activities (walking, writing) are represented. I tried to get a couple that were abstract/sculptural/architectural.

Being a photo site, there is a bias towards water, but that’s quite appropriate for Scotland!

I used to see hot air balloons over the Malvern Hills on occasion – not so common here.  We do have the sheep though.

Oh, and the happy people are just to have some happy people in there. You can tell that it’s an introvert’s collage… but I do like some interaction with happy people!

Great exercise, I’m glad I did it even though it was late.


Some serious credit to the folks whose marvellous pictures I hideously hacked up (from top left to bottom right):
ring by Caucas
YM People at Keelung by wirralwater
Cobija: Corporativa al atardecer – Flickr Meeting at Tusk by Voj
party in the sky by Dene Miles
people crossing a bridge by wili_hybrid
rape and the tree by aspheric.lens
Mountain view with sheep by Jule Berlin
La Pedrera – Casa Mila by Paco_CT
feist: I feel it all by visual panic
today’s repeating pattern by Kevin Dooley
Mokeskineh by Amir Kuckovic
last rays by paul (dex)
Around and around we go by peasap
Girasoles para los amigos / Sunflowers for the friends by Claudio.Ar
Metz-France by MorBCN
Rayas! by Brujo+
Brugge houses by MorBCN
Reflections by Kevin Dooley
El Alma del Ebro by Paulo Brandeo
People following a narrow path along mountain river by Horia Varlan

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3 Responses to Collage!

  1. sister R says:

    Oddly, when I first looked, I thought the bridge one was from the abseil I did. Not that any of my pictures are particularly like that one, but the whole girder aesthetic is pretty similar. I keep thinking I should take more photos but I have yet to get past the embarrassment and looking like a tourist.

    Also I like the Adam poem. Makes me think again about shared references and the like, and, I dunno, stuff. (My brainpower has gone walkabout, I’m afraid.)

    Class is off this evening so I get to go to knitting and, uh, sew on buttons. Yeah. And show off pictures of Adam, of course. Nine is a reasonable number, isn’t it? I could bring it down to seven. Hmm.

  2. Girders are awesome. I have some great pictures of pylons (not taken by me) that I must get re-framed.

    Nine is positively restrained number of photos.

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