The Artist’s Way week 7

Week 7 already!  Going fast.  The theme this week is “a sense of connection”.  I was pretty poor at the Artist’s Way this week to be honest.  I had a rotten day on Monday when I burnt my fingers and then I was all out of sorts on Friday and Saturday which finally resolved itself into an earache, so I’ve not really been in the mood.  Of course the Artist’s Way is a lot about going and doing it anyway and not making excuses!  Hope I’ll be better this week.

In summary

– morning pages: 6/7.    I always struggle on missed days as to whether I didn’t do them because I felt bad, or I felt bad because I didn’t do them.  In general I found myself running out of conversation by page 3, but I did complete them on the 6 days.  They’ve been feeling a bit dull for a while, but I do think they’re still valuable.

– I didn’t manage a proper artist’s date through the official Sunday-Saturday week, which was surprising because there was loads I wanted to do, I just wasn’t very organised.  I did two or three artist date-y activities but none of them was for a long enough chunk of time.  I sat in the cafe in the Fruitmarket Gallery and read Jackie Kay’s stunning collection “Life Mask” and thought about poetry and stared into space.  I did a giant amount of fun cooking.   I went around the Impressionist bit of the National Gallery and saw the wee boy that Cath was talking about in the comments.  But nothing was really long and coherent enough.

I did go to the David Mach show today which was excellent, but technically I’m now on week 8.

– I didn’t get a lot of synchronicity apart from a conversation today about geologists.

– Mostly I was a bit of a grumpy git and hope I’ll snap out of that shortly.

I did two or three of the easier tasks but generally was a bit lax again.   I really, really want to do the collaging task (go through a bunch of magazines and cut out photos that represent you and collage them) but when the only magazines that come into the house are Physics World and IEEE Spectrum, the result is going to be a bit one-sided.  I did have the idea of doing something with no-attribution photos on Flickr and some free collaging software but never actually sat down to do it.  Maybe one to be carried over.

Conclusion is that this coming week I’d really like to get my arse in gear on this Artist’s Way business and start doing it properly again!

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