Practical creativity

For the last few days, I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I haven’t been writing a whole lot beside morning pages and this blog.  However, I just realised that maybe I’ve been channelling my creativity into more practical areas.

I have been cooking like an absolute maniac.  Today’s cooking:
– breakfast milk loaf from the Breadmaker Bible (although not 100% sure than breadmaker bread counts as cooking)
– a really excellent lamb and veggie Madras from a curry spice box that was lurking at the back of the cupboard (I’m assuming all the mods I made to the box method make this proper cooking).
chocolate sweet potato brownies – mmmmm! (the plate under them, by the way, says “let them eat cake”!)

The brownies are nice and tasty but slightly austere, probably because I used very dark chocolate and they don’t have an insane amount of sugar, and no salt. Going forward, I’d either use slightly less dark chocolate or go for his alternative of adding dried blueberries rather than chocolate chips. I didn’t use the pecans because I don’t eat nuts, so probably some substitute is needed. A tiny pinch of salt would help out a bit too. Still not bad at all.

I seem to be having a Dan-Lepard-from-the-Guardian phase as I also made his rye and oat blinis a couple of days ago, along with Nigella’s very dubious banana muffins and truly excellent banana bread (which I froze 2/3 of in an attempt not to overeat, only to make the brownies instead – go figure).

Unusually, I seem to have both startitis and finishitis in my knitting, having properly finished the Cold Mountain as shown yesterday, blocked my Hawthorne today (pics to follow when dry) but also started (and frogged) a Lace Ribbon scarf (unfortunate yarn/pattern combination), plodded on with my fairly-newly started Irish Hiking Scarf and knitted half a fingerless glove tonight.

Sometimes I find the potential of knitting rather overwhelming (funnily enough, cooking isn’t the same, even though I clearly own far more recipes than I’ll ever get round to cooking). It’s difficult to know where to start. So sometimes it’s nice to just start off a few things and see which one is the most appealing – then see which one sticks!

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