On the blocking wires…

Last year, I knitted a Cold Mountain stole. It was very slow and tortuous for me, although the pattern was tremendously clear and really taught me to love charts.

I had never knitted proper lace in laceweight before. I started, decided the needles were wrong, pulled it out and started again. Made mistakes, pulled it out and started again. Discovered lifelines. Regularly pulled out large chunks back to lifelines. For a long time, I just could not figure out how to tink back the mistakes I made even though there is nothing complicated in the pattern.  I fought it and fought it and then after 5 months, it was finished.

Lace stole blockingWhat did I do then?  Sat it in the bottom of my knitting box for 9 months, where it started to get a bit fuzzy.

Having borrowed some blocking wires, I was honour-bound to do something with them, so last night the poor thing was finally pinned out on the spare bed.  I’m not very brave about blocking, so it didn’t get stretched as big as the pattern says, but it’s still 72″ x 21″, so a good size.

Really hoping that a) when it comes off tomorrow it will look nice and hold the block and b) I’ll get a nice day so I can try to take one of those arty blowing-in-the-wind project photos, even if it will look a bit odd on my suburban whirley!  Then I may even actually WEAR the thing!

Kieran Foley is a genius designer and I am just wondering which other of his lace beauties to try next.  Clearly that 5 months of knitting pain has almost faded, or I am just a knitting masochist…

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